Pannonia Reformata Museum

From May 2018 guests can visit the Pannonia Reformata Museum located at the Main Street in the completely renovated Reformed Old Church.

As the church does not have tower and gate faced to the street, it used to be invisible for the majority of people.

Due to renovation, nowadays the church has more functions. It remained holy space, but at the same time by evolving the museum in the gallery and basement, it opened „new doors” to the visitors.

The exhibition offers modern multimedia devices (interactive maps, video and media browers, catalouges and glossaries) to help to make a link between the past and the present.

The church retained its original sacred function as well, worships and wedding ceremonies are organized on occasion.

In the museum there are two permanent exhibitions:

„Shelter in eternity”

The main attraction is a „visual preaching”.

„The secrets of Hori”

The collection of the Ancient Egyptian coffin and Mummy is a worldwide rarity.

Visitors can see similar Egyptian sarcophagus only in the Vatican, Berlin and Copenhagen.