Esterházy Palace

The wonderfully renovated Esterházy Palace, with its exciting programs and special exhibitions is a favourite place for children and adults!

The Countess and his courtship returned to the castle. Count counts the fights, the countess plays cards, the ladies are embroidered with delight, while the mansion is in the baroque moody baroque atmosphere. For a moment we can all be part of the luxurious world of the life of the intricate family, the baroque pompa. For the Countess was kind enough to share his wonderfully refurbished dwelling with visitors.

Through our guided tours, visitors can get an insight into the everyday life of the baroque aristocracy and the special experience of the past. We call on time to jointly summon the world of countless counts and counters here! In addition to the main entrances, the management also includes the film about the Esterházy family and the chapel of the castle.

The duration of the guided tour is approx. 45 minutes. Drivers leave at 10 am on opening hours every 30 minutes. The last guided tour is 17 hours.

Cikornya and pomádé

The count's couple are wondering whether the members of the honorable guest are the most familiar acquaintances and scholars of the Baroque era. This is why they organize a noble contest, where participants can present their skills through two groups of players through baroque life, art, music, dress and dance.

Duration: 50 minutes to dress


The Count Family organizes a party that invites every visitor to the castle! So let's quickly hide in our elegant clothes and practice the court etiquette! While the Countess welcomes us to make the wait more quickly, a player can testify of our noblemanship, our courtesy skills ... and the fun begins! Baroque courtesy and a common dance are waiting for the participants!

Duration: 45 minutes


The Count's courtship is ready for a masquerade so we can take part in the ball, we have to create our own mask, we have to choose colorful clothes for ourselves, and then we can go to the music and dancing consolation!

Duration: 45 minutes

Who does not want chocolate?

But how is the sweet favorite of sweetie doing? In our handicraft workshop, everyone can try the tricks of making chocolate and surprise your loved ones, friends or yourself with self-made, flavored bon bonuses ...

Freshly roasted gingerbread has a seductive scent of the castle's squares.
In the former kitchen of the castle are small and great people can get acquainted with the secretions of honey baking and decoration. Your own hand made delicacies can serve as a special gift for the rest of the home, of course only if cooks do not falter right away ...

Hide, hide green

"Where was he or where not, a long time ago,
Ever since ancient times
Countess, countess
They walked into the world ... "

This is how the game begins, in which we can hear, among other things, a story about how the Papal Garden was born, we can try old skill games and have fun with our dancing butterflies to make fun of the park.

Duration: 45 minutes

Children Empire

On the eastern wing of the castle there is a children's empire, where a small exhibition and a great show can admire the reduced version of the Esterházy's former papal home. On the 4 x 4-foot terrain table, about two hundred thousand Lego building blocks were built around 1:40. The tiny piece of the building follows exactly as much as the building blocks allow. The scaled-back small castle houses the decorative cornices, the motifs above the sides of the wing wing, the coat of arms of the family.
In the other hall of the exhibition, the magical world of the most famous building blocks of the world is also raised.
After having been fond of them, there are eight playgrounds in the playhouse next to the exhibition halls for creative children to build their own castles ...

Museum Pedagogical Activities

A special, lasting experience for children and youth groups visiting us is our interactive activities, which can be used to familiarize the age groups with the castle, the Esterházy family, the aristocratic life and the Baroque age.

We offer pre-school and lower-level groups

The sessions combine elements of puppetry and dramas to give a fun-filled look to the past while giving game-motivated help to capture, expand, and organize children's current knowledge. Memorable memories of puppets and objects made during the interactive interactive game will be the unforgettable visit to the castle.

We offer top-class groups

The building of the Esterházy Castle of Papal, the rooms of the Baroque world. The recommended job for larger children provides an insight into the life span of life, helps in arranging and capturing the knowledge acquired during their studies.