Discover Papa

Hotel Villa Classica is located in a quiet side street, in the baroque city center, from where almost all of the city's cultural and tourist attractions are within reach.

The Esterházy Palace, the Blue Dyeing Museum, the Reformed College Collection, the churches, the baroque city center and also Várkertfürdő are all within walking distance.

Pápa is one of the most beautiful baroque cities among Hungary's historic towns.

As the center estate of the Esterházy family, this nearly thousand-year-old settlement had its golden age in the 1700s. This is when the Main Square with the Great Church, the surrounding neighborhood streets and residential buildings, as well as the late-Baroque Esterházy Palace were built.

In the last century, the spirituality of the city was determined by the Reformed College celebrating its 500-year anniversary soon. It combined and unified educational activities of schools of different levels, and was a worthy companion to the famous colleges of Sárospatak and Debrecen. Many outstanding figures of the Hungarian history such as Sándor Petőfi, Jókai or Orlay Petrich Soma spent their student years here.

As a result of the successful city planning and historical preservation, the historic center of Pápa is regaining its old beauty giving a worthy location to the annual St Győrgy Day Agrárexpo, the International Game Festival, Historic Equestrian Games, St Martin's Day and Advent celebrations, as well as the highly successful Pápa Wine and Cicege festival.