Our Wine selection

Delicious meals call for great wines, and to support this statement we carry a large wine selection of the most famous Hungarian Wineries. Also the “Wines of the House” are of great quality.

Since Pápa is the town of Somló wines, we have a particularly large assortment of this wine also called as “The Wine of the Wedding nights”.


House wines

  • Bio Olaszrizling - 2015
    The main aim was that the wine is not uniform, but the variety, vintage and flavours of the region to be a presented at the higher rate. Thus, the Riesling is a wine of personality, which is a real tasting experience. 0,1 l: 0.83 €
  • Bio Dobosi Cuvée - 2015
    Ingredients: 65% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot, 5% blue Frankish, 5% Cabernet Franc. This full-bodied red wine with cherry and dried-plum taste. 0,1 l: 0.97 €
  • Muscat - 2015
    Muscat is one of the most well-liked white wine in all over the world. Everybody can recognize this wine due to it’s unique aroma and fragrance, it keeps the original Muscat bouquet of grapes. The colour is greenish-yellow. The bouquet is fresh and sweet and the easy acids make the wine perfectly fruity. 0,1 l: 0.67 €
  • Blue frankish - 2013
    Blue frankish is the most widely planted traditional blue grape in Hungary. As a grape it has excellent features, the quality is very good in each years, and as a wine it is very popular. This is the pole of wines, every wine is compared to Blue frankish. We can say a wine is more acidic or softer, more fruity, darker or lighter than Blue frankish. The colour of Blue frankish is purple-red, the taste reminds you to blackberry, it is fine acid, fresh and fruity. 0,1 l: 0.83 €

Somló White wines

  • Premium Juhfark - 2015
    Premium Juhfark is made from very ripe grapes, overriped aromas dominate on the nose. Very characteristic on the palate, besides the acids there are seroiusness, minerality and multitude of dried fruits in the background as well. Ensures a long and exciting finish. 0,1 l: 1.4 € 0,75 l: 9.67 €
  • Nagy-Somlói Irsai Olivér - 2015
    Smells fresh, spicy and fruity. In the taste fresh fruits and green apple dominate, the hint of residual sugar makes it very appealing. Due to the richness of taste it becomes a very good wine. 0,1 l: 1.17 € 0,75 l: 8 €
  • Premium Furmint - 2013
    Smells ripe and rich with the seriousness of Furmint. Seductive on the palate with perfect harmony, full-bodied, creamy and complex flavours. Ripe fruit concentration underlined by some minerality and very refined acidity. Long length with an exciting finish. Furmint is one of the most precious varieties of Somló. A very special variety, which perfectly translates the minerality and the attributes of the soil into the bottle. Late ripening with a tendency to over maturity. 0,75 l: 9.33 €
  • Aranyhegy Juhfark - 2013
    The Aranyhegy Juhfark was made from selected and very ripe grapes. Besides the oaky aromas, ripe fruit and the minerality, there is some smoky note in the background as well. Very characteristic on the palate, rich minerality backed up by the vanilla notes of the oak and a hint of natural residual sugar. Awards: G 20 World Leaders Meeting at St. Petersburg – White wine served to the world leaders X. Bayer Wine Competition - Gold Medal; XXXIV. National Wine Competition - Silver Medal; Prestige Reserve - Medallion D’or 0,75 l: 16.33 €

White wines from other wine regions of Hungary

  • Pannonhalmi Tricollis Cuvée - 2015
    We intend it to be a fresh and refreshing wine which exhibits the flavours of early summer fruits with its flowery, pleasant aromas during its first months after bottling. Later on it has a deeper character of the Riesling.. 0,75 l: 13 €
  • Budai Chardonnay - 2015
    The bouquet of this wine at an early age has races of green apples and fresh hey, it is distinguished in character by fine acids and round, fruity flavours. 0,75 l: 10.67 €

Rose wines

  • Kunsági Kékfrankos Rosé Cuvée - 2015
    The colour is onion skin, whose intense bouquet evokes wild strawberries. Particular spice asserting itself on the palette. The easy acids make it perfect as on accompaniment to a number of dishes or to ship during friendly conversations. 0,75 l: 10.67 €
  • Vesztergombi Szekszárdi Rosé - 2015
    The Szekszárdi Rosé is according to the traditions of the winery based on blue Frankish, spiced with Kadarka. Fresh, fruity, light and elegant wine with a refreshing effect. 0,1 l: 1.33 € 0,75 l: 9 €

Red wines - Wine region of Villány

  • Villányi Merlot - 2007
    This velvety smooth, deep ruby coloured and full-bodied wine represents the characteristic virtues of the Merlot grape. Its classic aroma is enriched by ageing in wooden barrels. We recommend it with roast beef, stews and meals made of game or mushroom. 0,75 l: 12 €
  • Villányi Portugieser - 2015
    With its fruity fragrance, tender acids and colour of deep red, this wine is unique in fragrance achieved only amidst the special soil and climatic conditions of the Villány wine region. 0,1 l: 1.7 € 0,75 l: 12 €

Red wines - Wine region of Szekszárd

  • Vesztergombi Cabernet Franc - 2012
    This wine is the last harvest of a 45-year old grape. We harvested 45 q grapes on the 1,5-acre plantation and the resulting wine aged for two years in oak barrels. After bottling (2500 bottles) it aged for another half a year. Nice varietal character, with a fine intense aroma, rich, full-bodied, with a lot of red fruit and a slight lingering coffee taste. 0,75 l: 16.33 €
  • Vesztergombi Cabernet Sauvignon - 2013
    Red wine aged in large oak barrels for 18 months with typical, very colourful, complex aroma and flavour characteristics of its variety. Due to its high nutritional value, this wine can be aged for a very long time. Deep ruby red in colour, dry, thanks to the unique loessial soils and grape varieties of the Szekszárd wine region an intensely spicy aroma and flavour, are the characteristics of a well matured wine. 0,1 l: 2.33 € 0,75 l: 16.33 €