Booking and cancellation policy


Every room, restaurant, event and venue booking is required to be made in writing. The hotel will reconfirm the reservation in writing.

Credit card guarantee

Reservations are guaranteed by providing credit card information (cardholder name, card number, CVC number, expiration date). Bookings made without a credit card are guaranteed and held until 18:00 on the day of arrival.
In case, you wish to occupy your room after 6 pm, please contact the hotel’s reception! Without notification and bank guarantee, the hotel has the right to issue the room to another guest.


The hotel has the right to ask for a 50% deposit for the period, which it considers a priority. In such cases, the reservation will be only final when the required deposit has been received before the deadline set in the confirmation. You can find detailed information about payment options of the deposit in the confirmation sent by the hotel.

Cancellation of room bookings and other services

In case of individual reservations, cancellation of the services ordered can be made free of charge within 48 hours prior to 2 p.m. of the day of arrival. In case of priority periods, group bookings and packages, individual cancellation policies may vary.

Cancellation term of 14 days applies for venue rentals, from which the contracting parties also may differ in case of an individual contract.

Modifications or cancellation of pre-ordered, á la carte meals can be made free of charge 72 hours prior to the service.

Cancellation fee

In case of cancellation within the term described above, no-show or early departure, a cancellation fee of the value of the first day will be charged. In case of package deal 50% of the package price is to be paid.

When cancelling a venue rental within 14 days prior to the event, the value of one day rental is to be paid as cancellation fee.

Occurs a modification, cancellation or termination of a pre-ordered, no á la carte meal within 72 hours, the price of the canceled meal(s) (without drinks) is payable.

Early departure policy

  • Early departure must be notified at least 1 day in advance.
  • In case of late notification, 1 night will be charged as early departure fee.

Payment options

The value of the services ordered can be paid in cash, by credit card or SZÉP card.

Invoice adjustment policy

Dear Guests,

Due to our recently increased administrative burdens, we introduce the following rules for adjusting invoices posteriorly:

  • the invoices are adjusted free of charge within 30 days of the date of issue,
  • for over 30 days we charge 15 € / invoice administration fee to make the requested adjustments on the invoices.

Thank you for your understanding!

Pápa, 1 April 2019